'70s curtain bangs will never not look cute

'70s curtain bangs will never not look cute

'70s curtain bangs will never not look cute

Just like a perfectly tailored blazer can instantly add extra impact and interest to an outfit, curtain bangs can give texture and dimension to hair in a few snips. Neither are “new” but their popularity endures because they are just so classic. So, it will surprise precisely no-one that they'll be sticking around for 2024 as one of the most covetable haircuts you can get.

The chop's appeal is in the swishy, sexy, volume it can add (which is one of the reasons it's perfect for strands that are prone to deflating throughout the day) and the full, thick and flicky ‘70s shape has dominated on TikTok, with over 3 billion views on the platform.

Word from top stylists is: it remains one of the most requested chops in the salon. “I’m predicting that curtain bangs [or curtain fringes] will continue to go strong throughout the year,” LA's coolest hair stylist and trendsetter, Sal Salcedo, told GLAMOUR. People are still bring endless curtain bang inspo to their salon appointments and putting their own stamp on them.

What are curtain bangs?

For the uninitiated, curtain bangs are the shaggy, effortless bangs that — as the name suggests — frames your face perfectly, much like a curtain does a window. The look has roots in the ’60s and ’70s (think Jane Birkin) and works across a range of textures and styles, from messy waves to curly shags, sleek blowouts and high ponytails.

As for anatomy, a curtain bang is a graduated fringe. It's usually worn centre-parted and starts shorter in the centre, then gets longer towards the perimeter of the face. “It should start mid-way between the eyebrows and the bridge of the nose, then have more length at the sides,” explains celebrity hair stylist and ColorWow international creative director, Dom Seeley.

Depending on how heavy you get it cut, it can feel ultra plush or barely there. And you should be able to tuck it back into the rest of your hair when it's up, or tease it forward when you want more volume. “It has a flowy vibe. It’s not a solid bang or fringe, but it’s also not just face framing. It’s somewhere in the middle and it suits the majority of hair lengths too,” says Dom.

Are curtain bangs high maintenance?

As hairstyles go, this one's pretty chill. Curtain bangs are one of the most effortless fringe styles to wear since you can tailor them to you and your lifestyle. “Curtain bangs are the gateway to bangs, because they're super versatile,” says Emily Heser, stylist at Cutler Salon in New York City. “They're long enough to grow out or pin back if you want, but they can also be cut into a shorter look.” The style has steadily become both a celebrity and TikTok fave for its easy-going vibe.

“They require the lowest maintenance,” explains Sal. For one thing, they grow out easily “and slowly turn into a nice frame that looks good through any stage,” Sal says. “The best low-maintenance cut will always be a mid to long haircut with a variation in bangs,” he adds. “These are haircuts that can be worn and grown without too much attention and they stay looking strong with you. I only see some of my clients every six months to a year when they have these,” Sal says.

The slightly longer length at the sides helps to highlight cheekbones and give versatility. They can be swept off to either side to open up your face, or they can be drawn closed across your brows (much like curtains). It means you can go full lash-sweeping one day, then tuck them towards your ears the next. The jist? They make a relaxed statement with very little effort involved, and they offer drama to hair, but not in a loud, shouty way.

But if you still don't want to commit to the cut, we have good news. You can fake it with some clever styling. A well-placed bend in the front of your hair can give the illusion of a swishy fringe without losing any length.

What face shape suits curtain bangs?

Curtain bangs can suit any face shape, what's more important is working out the best way to wear them for you. “Consider all the ways in which you like to wear your hair. If you like to be able to scrape it all back at once, opt for longer layers,” says Laura Elliot, head of education at haircare professionals Salon Promotions. This means you shortest pieces should be between cheek and jaw length.

Want in? Here's 10 of our favourite ways to wear '70s curtain bangs…


Erm, hello. The '70s called, and they want their OG curtain bangs back. We don't blame them. The volume, the dimension, and the definition is honestly everything for us. Add some roller waves across the whole hair, so the bangs sit nicely on top to marry the whole look.


Sydney Sweeney's cheeky curtain fringe is modern, retro and glam all at the same time.


The ‘90s blowout is another huge hair trend right now, combined with a luxurious swooshy curtain fringe, it’s volume city.


This lightweight take on the mini curtain fringe is perfect if you don't want to fully commit.


We love this sultry peekaboo length which perfectly frames eyes.


Add dramatic layers to your hair for that flip and choppy finish.

7.Curly curtain

Curtain bangs work great with layered curls to add some extra face-framing.


Mixing up the traditional brow-length fringe for a curtain bang and a jaw-length French bob keeps it feeling modern.

9.Updo curtains

These pretty graduated curls help perfectly frame the face.


Proof that curtain fringes look great, even after they've grown out for a few weeks.