Charlotte Tilbury unveils debut fragrance collection

Charlotte Tilbury unveils debut fragrance collection

Charlotte Tilbury unveils debut fragrance collection

Celebrity make-up artist and entrepreneur Charlotte Tilbury is expanding her beauty and skincare empire with a debut collection of fragrances developed with master perfumers at flavours and fragrance company IFF and backed by neuroscience.

The six new fragrances are powered by emotion-boosting molecules, designed to unlock a range of emotions, including feelings of love, happiness, sex, calm, energy, and empowerment.

Commenting on the fragrance collection, Charlotte Tilbury, said in a statement: "From dreams to science to ingredients to each beautiful bottle, you are stepping into the future of fragrance. This is a spectacular, olfactive revolution in the beauty industry.

“My fragrances are for everyone and are the result of harnessing the expertise of world-renowned perfumers, cutting-edge technology, neuroscience, 40 years of research, and the most extraordinary olfactive symphony of ingredients to create my most innovative collection ever.”

Charlotte Tilbury collaborates with>

Each scent was developed by harnessing, processing, and analysing more than five billion data points from tens of thousands of consumers to measure the way thousands of fragrance notes impact different people and how they shape our emotion

Those data points were inputted into IFF’s proprietary algorithm, the ‘IFF ScentCube’, so it could identify a range of emotions that could be targeted through scent combinations or fragrance accords.

Dr Céline Manetta, senior consumer science manager at IFF, explains: "We measure the emotional power of ingredients by understanding the specific effect they have on us and we identify which emotions they enhance.

"We then use artificial intelligence with an IFF proprietary tool that analyses all this data and gives perfumers innovative ingredient combinations to enhance specific emotions. It creates a specific palette of ingredients so they can compose with it."

After analysing all the data, the ‘IFF ScentCube’ then created a specific palette of fragrance compositions and ingredients known to target emotions to compose with. Tilbury worked closely with IFF’s master perfumers using naturally derived fragrance oils, synthetic raw materials, and accords to create a combination of “Magic Fragrance Notes,” described as Tilbury's “olfactory vision of each emotion decoded and distilled by the perfumers".

Tilbury added: “Each fragrance feels like a portal to another world, transporting you through different dimensions to however you want to feel, and whoever you want to be, empowering everyone, everywhere to design their dream day and night with fragrance.”

Charlotte Tilbury’s new fragrance collection of emotions

To create each fragrance, Tilbury explains that she had a very specific vision for each emotion she wanted to capture, from the dreamy, dizzy heights of love for ‘Love Frequency’ to a calming oasis for ‘Calm Bliss,’ and pure unicorn, stardust energy for ‘Cosmic Power’. ‘Joyphoria’ aims to offer paradisiacal happiness, while ‘Magic Energy’ channels nature’s grounding energy, and ‘More Sex’ bottles feelings of addictive seduction.

Tilbury captures those strong emotions and feelings with powerful blends that can last up to 18 hours. Trial research found that of the six fragrances, ‘Magic Energy’ with its top notes of reawakening bergamot oil and earthy myrtle oil had the biggest response, with 98 percent who used the fragrance stating that “boosts and enhances” their energy levels during a weeklong trial.

Other high responding scents included the aquatic floral ‘Calm Bliss’ with its notes of fresh bergamot oil, sweet neroli oil, lavandin oil, orange flower absolute, warm tonka bean accord and pure white musks, which made 93 percent of wearers “calmer,” while the warm floral ‘Joyphoria’ scent with neroli oil, coconut water accord and petitgrain oil, enhanced feelings of happiness among 91 percent of its test audience.

Anne Flipo, master perfumer at IFF, said: “Charlotte had a crystal-clear vision for each emotional world, and together we brought her dream to life. It was all about emotional connections and creating fragrances to enhance feelings - with a touch of magic.

“It is really unique to have a collection of six fragrances, created thanks to scientific research, AI and consumer studies, to help awaken specific emotions, and we really worked with that in mind with a specific palette of ingredients that we knew enhanced specific emotions!

"We also wanted something that would tell a story beyond science! Of course, it had to smell amazing – so each of these fragrances are very instinctive and really tell a story of love, seduction, serenity!”

Charlotte Tilbury expands beauty brand with new fragrances

Tilbury has also considered numerology, symbology, the mantras and colour therapy for the packaging of each fragrance with bottles inspired by 18th Century alchemist potions and perfume bottles, topped with spire-like lids inspired by the Great Pyramids of the Ancient Egyptians.

Each fragrance features numbers derived from numerology and their own historic symbols, as well as a corresponding colour to represent the feeling each perfume evokes. ‘Love Frequency’ is pink and has a sacred heart, while ‘More Sex’ is ruby red with seductive lips, and ‘Magic Energy’ is a shade of emerald green with a star embossed.

Tilbury has also written mantras to accompany each of the fragrances to give the wearer “an extra boost of magic everyday” inscribed on the boxes. Affirmations include ‘I am serene and calm’ on ‘Calm Bliss’ and ‘I am empowered and strong’ on ‘Cosmic Power’.

The Charlotte Tilbury Fragrance Collection of Emotions launches on April 30 via its new app ‘Easy Beauty for You’ before rolling out at Charlotte Tilbury stores and website from May 2.

The price of a 100-ml bottle is 130 pounds / 150 US dollars, while the 10-ml travel spray costs 20 pounds / 25 US dollars. The discovery set box of six 1.5-ml bottles costs 25 pounds / 30 US dollars.