Stars Are Doing Boho-Chic Again! (But Not In the Early 2000s Way)

Stars Are Doing Boho-Chic Again! (But Not In the Early 2000s Way)

Stars Are Doing Boho-Chic Again! (But Not In the Early 2000s Way)

In fashion, what goes out of style always comes back. This was certainly the case during this past fall 2024 season, when Chemena Kamali’s Chloé show in Paris revived a persisting look on the runway—the infamous boho-chic trend.

You know the vibe: Think lots of white lace and cascading ruffles, evoking a romantic and free-spirited feel. Such bohemian fashions have ebbed in and out of favor since the groovy 1970s—though the trend really ignited during the early-2000s, when stars like Sienna Miller, the Olsen twins, and Nicole Richie were pairing ruffled blouses with extra-wide belts and studded boots.

Now, thanks in large part to Chloé, the look is back with a vengeance. While a handful of stars are embracing it yet again, bohemian dressing looks a lot different in 2024.

Take the Chloé show itself. Kamali’s ruffled dresses—breezy, sheer, and cut with asymmetrical hemlines—felt like a more modern approach to the look. They didn’t read as costumey; It was more so about taking pillars of the trend, and incorporating them into designs that were sleek and subdued. It’s an approach that celebrities have been taking out on the streets, with stars like Zoë Kravitz, Rosé, Rihanna, and Miller (the queen of boho) jumping on the bandwagon in stylish ways that feel smart and current.

Miller, for one, stepped out in Paris wearing a white slip dress with lace trim. It’s a bohemian staple she juxtaposed with a cropped leather bomber jacket and sky-high platform wedges. Had this been the 2000s, she would have paired the same slip with cowboy boots and a fringed jacket; her more refined accent pieces made it feel entirely new. Ditto for Rihanna, who recently paired a lace mini skirt with a hefty leather and shearling coat; The look was more rock and roll boho, less romantic boho.

There have also been some great maxi dresses—another boho must-have—in the rotation. Rosé was spotted in a sheer chiffon Saint Laurent gown, with flowing ruffles along the waistline and sleeves. It’s like a more fun, free-spirited take on an evening gown.

The neutrality of these looks are also the key to their success. Where the boho-chic outfits of yesteryear were loud (in colorful shades of red and teal), the 2024 approach clearly revolves around quieter shades of brown, black, and beige. Call it an effect of stealth-wealth or what not—but it seems even the boldest of trends are having a more discreet second life.

The question is: Are you on board with the the second coming of bohemian style? It’s certainly not for everyone. But if the new crop of stars are showing one thing, it’s that elements of boho-chic can work for just about anyone’s wardrobe. Ana de Armas paired a swishy black maxi skirt with a more structured tweed jacket. (It was like a hint of boho.) You can indeed incorporate the trend into a look without totally succumbing to it.

So, don’t be afraid to at least dip your toe into the trend. Fashion is supposed to be fun—experiment and bring a little boho into your life! Maybe it’s time to dust off some of the boho pieces you kept from the early 2000s (slouchy bags, anyone?). And if you simply can’t get on board with the movement, don’t worry: There will always be something new and shiny next season.