The Traitors guest star Will Kirby explains why Big Brother players have not done well on the show

The Traitors guest star Will Kirby explains why Big Brother players have not done well on the show

"I think some 'Big Brother' players went on 'The Traitors' to show that they 'still got it' — only to realize that they actually 'never had it.'"

One of reality television’s biggest legends appeared this week on >The Traitors, not as a contestant, but rather as one of the oddest guest stars we have ever come across in our 20+ years of reality competition viewing.

Will Kirby (also known as Dr. Will and the Evil Doctor) is regarded by many as the best <Big Brother player ever after he won season 2 of the show and then somehow managed to escape eviction on Big Brother All-Stars after telling the houseguests how much he hated all of them while threatening to throw every single competition to “ensure as best I can that we are all on slop” unless they all voted him out. But perhaps his most outlandish appearance occurred this week on The Traitors, which streams on Peacock.

Showing up in a pin stripe suit with a broach and sporting some sort of Sherlock Holmes deerstalker cap, Dr. Will made quite the entrance, complete with two wolves. He then proceeded to lock the contestants in a creepy cabin before pouring buckets of maggots and bugs all over them as they screamed “HAGGIS!” at the top of their lungs.

What was Kirby even doing there? Why did he choose to forgo playing for the actual money? What was up with the hat? And the wolves, for that matter? And what is his expert take on what has transpired so for in the game? We caught up with the Big Brother champ for an exclusive chat.

Will Kirby on 'The Traitors'

Will Kirby on 'The Traitors'. 

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Were you first approached to be a contestant on the show, and if so, why did you say no?

WILL KIRBY: I’m extremely selective with the projects I participate in because I never want to undermine my true occupational objective, which is to democratize aesthetic dermatological treatments through LaserAway. We’re undergoing a significant expansion right now, and the vast majority of my time is spent working on our business.

That said, I watched the first season and was blown away. It looked like it was from a Tom Cruise movie. We all need hobbies and I love unscripted TV, so it’s much easier for me to parachute into a show and give the contestants a shot in the arm via an incredibly difficult mission as opposed to playing in a extensive competition series myself. 

Who came up with your wardrobe?

I wanted an outfit that matched the setting and felt that Sherlock Holmes would be a good fashion inspiration to participate in a murder mystery in a rainy forest in the Scottish Highlands. I did also ask for a white ivory pipe with a face carved into it — but instead of smoke, it extruded bubbles — but production told me that wouldn’t be allowed, unfortunately. Major miss not having that, but you can’t win them all, right?

The wolves. Explain.

In the interest of full transparency, I made many absolutely outrageous demands thinking that the producers would quickly rescind my offer and simply move forward without me. My asks were so over the top that I was surprised they even entertained my requests. My agent negotiating the deal threatened to fire me!

But I really just thought that on the off chance that they supply me with two large wolves, it would be completely badass. And guess what? I wasn’t wrong! The producers saw my vision, and the wolves really set the stage for a disturbing experience for the contestants. But I also demanded them because I’m a huge nature advocate and I hope that I can start peppering in tiny little nods to my love of animals in every entertainment project I do moving forward.

I want viewers to not just enjoy the entertainment content provided, but also appreciate the majesty of what mother nature’s creatures offer us. To get even more granular there, this past summer I went to the Galapagos islands for a month, and it was truly life-changing. You really haven’t lived until you’ve snorkeled with baby sea lions and hammerhead sharks… or  hiked in the Scottish Highlands with two giant wolves!

Will Kirby on 'The Traitors'

Will Kirby on 'The Traitors'. PEACOCK

What did you make of MJ, Sheree, Phaedra, and Kate all yelling “Haggis!” and bowing out of the mission?

As someone who has purposely thrown many reality television show competitions as a strategy, I wouldn’t fault anyone for utilizing that concept to their advantage. So, ask yourself, did those four really quit the competition, or are they actually strategic geniuses who took advantage of an opportunity to propel they respective games forward? Let’s not judge too quickly.

Give us your expert take: Who has played the best game so far this season?

I’m a consummate professional, and although I am well aware that reality television can be irreverent, I take my role extremely seriously and I never have any bias whatsoever when I participate in a production. There’s still a lot to be revealed and I would never want to sway your experience with my own personal interpretation of what we’ve seen so far, so you will get no spoilers from me!

Who has not impressed you with their game so far?

Well, I don’t think it’s any secret that the four Big Brother contestants [Cody Califiore, Rachel Reilly, Janelle Pierzina, Dan Gheesling] on the first two seasons of The Traitors have done poorly, and I hope the fans don’t chastise me making that factual statement. See, I think some Big Brother players went on The Traitors to show that they “still got it” — only to realize that they actually “never had it.”

It takes an extremely unique skill set to do well on these types of shows, and anyone can get lucky once, but it’s really hard to repeat that success, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t openly wonder if the Big Brother contestants who appeared have really hurt their reality television legacies because of their poor gameplay in this series. Kind of strange to consider, but it is possible that we never see any of them on our televisions ever again. The reunion show might end up serving as their wakes.

Who would you like to see play on a future edition of The Traitors?

Theo Von has been a close friend of mine for over 20 years and although he’s a extremely successful stand-up comedian now, he has a significant reality television past. I appeared on the Comedy Central show that he won, Reality Bites Back and he would be fantastic to watch on The Traitors.

Do you think Alan Cumming will invite you back to his castle for season 3?

I’d be truly honored if Mr. Cumming would invite me back, but I was born with a bad personality and raised with a crappy attitude (I blame my parents) so I’m not for everyone. We’ll just have to wait and see!